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Supporting parents who take care of children and are seeking advice.

Parent Coach &
Coach young adults 

Welcome, to a place where the hardships end and the joy of parenting begins!

Together we will overcome challenges and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our children.

Let's be honest, parenting can be rewarding and challenging. During our conversations with each other, we will devise techniques to aid in the maintenance of a healthy family bond. 



  • Improve lines of communication, have meaningful conversations.

  • Learn better ways to respond, instead of reacting or yelling.

  • Re-connect, create a healthier family dynamic.

  • Take time out from parenting to do things that make you happy!

Feel Brand New

Feel at Peace

Feel Energized

Parenting Is An Ongoing Learning Process

The Waves


Remember, we can't stop the waves, but we can learn to surf-

So grab your surfboard and let's get started!

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The Coaching services provided are not a substitute for sessions with a licensed therapist or medical professional.

Mother and Daughter Having Fun

“Thank you for the parenting classes. I am able to support my daughter in ways I never imagined. The classes had a powerful effect on my family and my way of thinking.”

— Olivia Randle, 

Father and Son

“ I wanted to bond with my son but realized, I really had no clue HOW!?

I now have the skills and knowledge to best the BEST dad ever”

— Isaiah T Brown