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Coaching with Kamilah
You are here for a reason

Call to schedule a consultation to ensure we are a good fit.

(This is not a one size fits all coaching service)

  I am here as a guide, to gain your fullest potential.

If you are looking for something different, try something new.

I am eager, available and able to make a difference. 

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Our Clients

Are Real People


Happy Portrait

“I am in a much better space now than before. I'm confident enough to have my picture online and feel great about who I am, thanks, Kamilah”

Amanda, Ballarat, Australia


" I had many decisions to make regarding taking care of my mother. I went from confused and stressed to clear and blessed. My mom and I are both in a good place. Kamilah, you are priceless.”

Kym Nguyen, Alberto, Canada